May. 18, 2018

Random Thoughts On Narcissistic Behaviors

Is there or are there people in your life who seem to make it their mission to mess with your good mood?

Have you ever been super excited and pleased with life only to have another person come and make a negative comment?

Has this made you feel like the floor just got ripped out from under your good mood?

Or maybe it's on Social Media?

Perhaps you posted something you were in bliss over, and someone decided to be negative.

And rude? 


Now suppose you confront them.

A person with a healthy mindset would apoloogize.

A person with a unhealthy mindset will not focus on your feelings and proceed to tell you that you are too sensitive, they were only kidding, or they will spew out some more toxicity your way.

I want to enlighten and familiarize all my readers with the term Covert Narcissism and Passive Aggression.

I won't go into this today. 

Both terms require their individual posts.


That said?

Don't allow assholes to ruin your good mood or your good day!

And for damn sure?

Don't allow them to ruin your life.


If it hurt your feelings, if you felt that familiar sting and felt put down, honor those feelings even if no one else does. 

Don't allow another human being to invalidate you or to make you feel as though you need to question your emotions.

Your feelings are valid.

Remember that.


Lisa Alvarez