Jun. 9, 2018

The Link Between Dealing With A Mental Illness And Suicide

People don’t understand the impact heartache can have on a person.

They think because the person appears to be okay, that things are okay.

Are you there in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and the voices say the ugliest things?

When the anxiety comes and won’t back off for sleep?

Are you there when the tears fall, the breaths come fast, and sobbing won’t stop?

Are you there when things really are good on the outside, but inside it feels like another sad person is living there and refuses to move out?


Then you can’t assume another person is ever okay.

And sometimes?

You can’t save people.

But sometimes?

You can do more.

You can be there.

You can make things a little easier by being a little nicer.

Lisa Alvarez